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Sparkling, sweet, red wine with fruity aromas in a modern package. Produced in the Piedmont region from the red Primitivo variety...
Ex Tax:16.00€
The 958 Santero Love contains an Extra Dry white sparkling wine with a subtle and refined taste in a bottle dedicated to love...
Ex Tax:29.00€
Milk Chocolate with Strawberry 80gr. The sweetest gift for lovers...
Ex Tax:4.00€
Heart-shaped wooden box containing 200g heart-shaped bitter chocolates & pουrakia...
Ex Tax:10.00€
Plexi Glass Box with red heart containing 500g bitter heart shaped chocolates & pourakia...
Ex Tax:20.00€
Pouch with little hearts that includes:Liqueur Rose (Polykalas) 200mlChommelier Chocolate Pairings - Rose Wine200g heart-shaped bitter chocolates & pourakia..
Ex Tax:28.00€
Pouch with little hearts that includes:Sparkling wine Moscato d' Asti Rosé Villa Jolanda 187mlMilk chocolate with Love by LaurencePraline with almond pieces 50g & a small spoon..
Ex Tax:18.00€
Paper bag with a heart design.Villa Jolanda Moscato D'Asti wine with strawberryCookies in the shape of a rose in various flavors 200grA small gift for Valentine's Day...
Ex Tax:10.00€
Paper bag with a heart design.Laurence - Galerie de Chocolat Milk Chocolate Orchid 80grChocolate Strawberry Soy Wax 180gr..
Ex Tax:20.00€
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