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Offer 2 Spreads Melichrysos

Offer 2 Spreads Melichrysos
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Offer 2 Spreads Melichrysos
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Offer 2 Spreads Melichrysos for the Family

Contains honey from the island of Limnos, whole wheat tahini, almond paste, pollen and raisins.

Excellent choice for breakfast, combined with bread and/or milk. The complex carbohydrates offer immediate stimulation and energy, the protein satiety and the good fats last in the supply of energy.

It replaces multivitamin preparations and meets the body's high requirements for vitamins and trace elements.

It is a delicious alternative during periods of fasting, where the prohibition of many food groups results in a low intake of essential elements, such as proteins, iron, etc.

For the whole family and children over 3 years old.

Gluten free.

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